Saturday, November 19, 2011

Perversion Becomes the Norm

In a world run by moonbats, special people get special privileges. For example, a young man named Dionne Malikowski likes to show up at Fort Collins High School dressed like a girl, so to prevent other kids from sniggering at him when he uses the facilities, he gets access to the seven staff bathrooms spread across the school. But this isn’t good enough for Master Malikowski, who insists on whipping it out in the girls’ bathroom.

In their never-ending quest to find members of privileged special interest groups they can portray as oppressed, this is the best “mainstream” journalists can do:
[Mr Malikowski] said she [sic] was suspended about a month ago for violating the policy by using a girls’ restroom instead of a staff facility. Malikowski had previously received a warning for a similar violation but said she [sic] still believes the rule to be unfair and discriminating.
With a little digging, The Coloradoan (a Gannett paper, like USA Today) found an “expert” to reinforce the liberal establishment point of view:
Claire Raccuglia, counseling and programming intern with the Lambda Community Center in Fort Collins, which promotes and supports diversity, said she is “unsure” of how the school can enforce a policy forcing students to use staff bathrooms.
“To enforce such a policy would be discriminatory,” Raccuglia said. “It’s important to have compassion for people’s ignorance, but at the same time, our schools are supposed be one of the safest places our children can learn and do things safely, like eat and use the bathroom.”
How open-minded of Ms. Raccuglia to have “compassion” for the “ignorance” of normal people with normal standards of decency.
Notice how moonbats use key words to distort reality. It’s discriminatory not to grant even more special privileges to Dionne to reward him for being a pervert. Not letting him do whatever he wants would be unsafe. Raccuglia even implies that failing to grant the little weirdo access to the girl’s room is equivalent to starving him to death.
Kids don’t usually get this screwed up without some coaching from their parents. In the passage below, “her daughter” is MSMese for “her son”:
Malikowski’s mother, Melissa Malikowski, said she plans to transfer her daughter to Centennial High School as soon as possible in an attempt to provide a safe, structured learning environment for her daughter — one that lacks policies she views to be discriminatory.
“Dionne skips school (at Collins) because [he] gets quite a bit of grief from students at school, being the person that [he] is,” Melissa Malikowski said. “I don’t see Fort Collins High School as a safe place for [him] to be anymore.… To segregate a child to use only this bathroom or that is a form of discrimination to me.”
Whereas if they let a boy with strange sexual issues use the girls’ room, the snickering and wisecracks will come to an end.
You might have noticed that the key words discriminatory and safe appear again in Momma Moonbat’s harangue. All the liberoids are on the same page; but it’s not from a book a decent person would read.

Dionne displays his feminine charms.
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