Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy LA- I'm a Communist

iowntheworld...The Occupy Whatever movement — if it can be called a movement — is at its heart a hate-America movement. With each new video we see this more and more and this cretin at Occupy Los Angeles is just one more example.

An avowed communist, like so many of these people are, he feels that America is the chief evil of the world and needs to be destroyed.

This man wants America destroyed. He is not an outlier at these Occupy events. He is quite typical. And always remember, the U.S. Democrat Party is supporting these people. People that hate America are an important constituency as far as Democrats are concerned.

I know these dirtbag losers, this is all this guy has to feel like he isn’t an insignificant piece of jetsam. This is his thing. He’s going to run around telling people he’s a communist like the guy who walks around the boardwalk with a spider monkey on his shoulder. It’s affectation. It’s a cry that pierces the loneliness. He is no more a communist than a guy at a cocktail party wearing a Thurston Howell III get up is a sea captain.

Listen, little man, you’re not a communist unless you live in communist country, and I invite you to leave, not change this one. Got it?


Today the "legendary" David Crosby and Graham Nash are going down to Zuccotti Park to play a few protest songs to entertain the illegal bunch of parasite squatters. Isn't that great? Where is Joan Baez and her Tambourine singing Kumbaya when we need her?

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