Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CJTF-82 releases video of AH64 engaging insurgents

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – Combined Joint Task Force-82 has released video of an air weapons team engaging and killing insurgents when responding to the insurgents’ complex attack on a small patrol base
in Paktia province May 27.

The video shows 14 insurgents carrying automatic rifles, rocket propelled grenades and a mortar round fleeing the scene after they attacked the outpost with indirect fire, rocket propelled grenades and smalls arms fire.
The pilot of an Apache AH64 helicopter is heard verbally checking to make sure the militants are far enough away from any qalats, or Afghan homes, so that shooting the militants will not endanger any civilians.
The attack helicopter checks six times to ensure there will be no collateral damage before receiving permission to engage the insurgents.
After the helicopter engages the insurgents from the air, U.S. troops continue fighting the insurgents on the ground.
The entire fire fight lasted more than five hours. Afghan National Army and ISAF service members conducted an assessment of the area, finding at least 15 militant forces killed, numerous small arms and a mortar system.
No ANA or International Security Assistance Forces were injured during the attack. The incident resulted in no civilian casualties.
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