Monday, October 15, 2012

The Wind Powered Stealth Submarine...Obama Green Seas

This just in to our newsroom......

Insiders at The People's Cube have learned that Dear Leader has ordered the U.S. Navy to use more " environmentally - friendly " propulsion technologies, such as solar, wind and algae.

As a first step in his crusade, our Commander-In-Chief ( PBUH ) will preside over the unveiling of what he refers to as " Our Motherland's Newest Achievement "........
The Wind-Powered Stealth Submarine !

This sub is designed to sneak up on an enemy ( or allied )coastline .... without making any engine noise to give away its position. This radically different approach was conceived by President Obama's crack Science Team and Al Gore.

It is now possible to for the Navy to reduce CO2 emissions before launching its nuclear warheads ! In that, we can take great comfort and feel good about ourselves.

And isn't that really what matters ?

( Obama stated that after he wins his upcoming re-election, he's going to name this new submarine the " Red November " ) Catchy.

H/T to Mark Scott


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