Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ron Paul...Save Us!

I am just flipping over the new Ron Paul action figure!

The Ron Paul trolls have a new toy to play with in mommy’s basement.
Via Ron Paul’s Super-PAC:
Revolution PAC Saturday unveiled a series of collectible action figures bearing the likeness of presidential candidate Ron Paul. The launch was made in conjunction with the super committee’s webcast of the South Carolina Primary results.

The 12”, talking, limited edition action figures are available in two models — the “Commander-in-Chief” Paul, complete with the U.S. Constitution, and “Super Hero” Paul. All proceeds go toward Revolution PAC’s efforts to secure the Republican nomination for Congressman Paul. Purchase at

“Barack Obama certainly doesn’t have a corner on the action figure market,” remarks Revolution PAC chair Gary Franchi. 
“Ron Paul proved he could go head to head with Obama in the Jones Soda bottle ballots during the 2008 campaign. I’m quite confident that he’ll be competitive in the collectible toy demographic as well.”

Franchi continues, “Discerning consumers recognize a rare and valuable offering when they see it. Plus, they know that — unlike Barack Obama — this is the only way that Ron Paul can be bought.”...ZIP

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