Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sit Down And Shut Up Paul

I, for one, am really going to miss the Ron Paul point of view that says terrorists are just like wife beaters, they are merely “criminals” that have their American civil rights, too.

And in his absence we won’t get to hear, once again, how Obama “targeted an American citizen for assassination”, as if he shot and killed Floyd the Barber.

Ron Paul thinks America is still like it was when he and Mark Twain were both children. He thinks people will go missing, targeted by the government, and no one will ever hear about it. He doesn’t understand that if someone’s CAR KEYS goes missing, we hear about it on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, 24 hours news, etc.

I am really not worried about the things this old coot is worried about, that the government is going to simply kill people left and right if we extend the Patriot Act. I am worried about what Newt is worried about, that some middle- eastern state funded maniac is going to set off a nuclear weapon in an American metropolis.

Paul is a befuddled codger who has no ability to adapt to his surroundings. With age he is going to get more rigid, paranoid, angry, stubborn and wrong.

Look at this simpleton shake his head over profiling at the airport (among other stupid notions that will put our country in peril. Quoting Jefferson about Liberty versus Security, when the high tech weapon at the time was the 7 second loading musket, is all you need to know about this dangerous stupid ass.)...Video Here

For a good read on Ron Paul, GO HERE

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