Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Port Whine

Scruffy progressive protesters locked themselves together across railroad tracks, blocked traffic and shouted profanities at police on Tuesday in a coordinated "West Coast Port Shutdown." Truckers lost wages. Shippers lost business. This is what the Occupy Wall Street movement calls "victory."

Aging Big Labor bosses toasted one another from the sidelines as they declared the "rebirth of the labor movement." What's really going on? It's an old-school power grab by a decrepit union wrapped in self-deluded social media do-goodism.

Peace-loving agitators wielding guitars and iPhones may earnestly believe they stood up to corruption and stood up for workers this week.

A socialist website promoted the port shutdown as an expression of "solidarity" for the workers' "struggle." One Oakland, Calif., agitator decried "exploitation by capitalism" as the shiftless busily divided their work blockages into what they called -- chortle -- "shifts."...Read More from Michelle Malkin


Dean_L said...

For the Occupy crowd, anything that interferes and/or hurts the free market is indeed a victory.

It's sad that there is such a lack of understanding of what works, what supports liberty versus what they imagine works.

Scott said...

The inverted view of history and success is the hallmark of Communism and Liberal Progressivism. Failure only means you need more of it (whatever IT is) and a bigger bureaucracy to implement the failed agenda.