Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Happy Meal Time

A transcript of the conversation that went on in the McDonald's drive-thru between the lady in the car in front of me and the lady taking orders...

CASHIER:  (In a polite and courteous voice)Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?
LAFREAKWA:  (In a ghetto jive ass voice).  Uhhhh....yeah...can I getcho dollar cheeseburger?
CASHIER:  Okay, I have one McDouble, will that be all?
LAFREKWA:  Uhhhh....(Looking over her shoulder to a child in the rear seat)...Shut up Matisha, I'm trying to order food...Damn!...Uhhh...yeah...Can you put lettuce on that?
CASHIER:  Ummm...Okay...Will that be all?
LAFREAKWA:  And can you put tomato on that too?
CASHIER:  Uhhh...Okay...That'll be $1.09.
LAFREAKWA:  Uh yeah...I want some mac sauce on dat too. 
CASHIER:  I'm sorry?
LAFREAKWA:  Mac sauce!  I want some mac sauce on dat!
CASHIER:  Ma'am, you're ordering from the dollar menu, and trying to make a dollar cheeseburger into a Big Mac, we can't do that.
LAFREAKWA:  Whatchu mean you cain't do dat....Shut up Matisha!...Uhhh...You need to do dat.  That's whatchu you need to do.
CASHIER:  If you would like a Big Mac, maybe you should order a Big Mac.
LAFREAKWA:  I don't want no Big Mac.  I want the dollar double cheeseburger.  Wit' lettuce, tomato and mac sauce.
CASHIER:  That's pretty much a Big Mac.  I'm not giving you that for a dollar.
LAFREAKWA:  Whatchu mean you ain't gonna give me dat?  Bitch, I wanna talk to yo manager!
CASHIER:  You're talking to me, and that ain't gonna happen.  And if you keep talking shit, I'm gonna come out there and snatch you bald! 
LAFREAKWA:  Well den, bring yo cheeseburger selling ass out here.  I'll squeeze the mac sauce out yo head.
CASHIER:  I get a break in 15 minutes.  Why don't you wait around.
LAFREAKWA;  Forget you bitch.  My  kid is hongry.  Ima go to Jack in the Box.  Y'all rude here.
CASHIER:  Good then.  Take your hungry kid and go on then.

LaFreakwa drives away....

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