Saturday, November 19, 2011

Turn Off That Radio Boy!

Egypt: "Popular Islamic scholar" crashes concert to preach about the sinfulness of music

Shoman.jpgQuite the Shoman

Noting that Islamic law forbids musical instruments and music itself except in some strictly defined circumstances will bring you swift charges of "ignorance" and "Islamophobia." I guess this "popular Islamic scholar" is actually an ignorant Islamophobe.

Hadith Qudsi 19:5: "The Prophet said that Allah commanded him to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance." (The Hadith Qudsi, or holy Hadith, are those in which Muhammad transmits the words of Allah, although those words are not in the Qur'an.)

Muhammad also said:

(1) "Allah Mighty and Majestic sent me as a guidance and mercy to believers and commanded me to do away with musical instruments, flutes, strings, crucifixes, and the affair of the pre-Islamic period of ignorance."

(2) "On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will pour molten lead into the ears of whoever sits listening to a songstress."

(3) "Song makes hypocrisy grow in the heart as water does herbage."

(4) "This community will experience the swallowing up of some people by the earth, metamorphosis of some into animals, and being rained upon with stones." Someone asked, "When will this be, O Messenger of Allah?" and he said, "When songstresses and musical instruments appear and wine is held to be lawful."

(5) "There will be peoples of my Community who will hold fornication, silk, wine, and musical instruments to be lawful ...." -- 'Umdat al-Salik r40.0

Sharia Alert from Egypt: "Islamic scholar Shoman crashes Hisham Abbas concert," by Sarah Raslan for Ahram Online, November 16 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Hundreds of students attending a Hisham Abbas concert on Tuesday night at the Nile Academy campus in Mansoura, capital of the Daqahliya governorate in Egypt's Delta region, were surprised when popular Islamic scholar Hazem Shoman entered the stage uninvited to condemn the event, which he described as 'monkar', or sinful. Shoman occupied the stage and told the audience that singing is 'haram', or forbidden, to which the students responded with chants against the scholar.

In an effort to prevent clashes between the students and Shoman’s supporters, the academy's vice president Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar and security officials escorted the scholar from the venue after discussions. 

Tuesday night's incident was not the first of its kind for the Islamic scholar who had previously crashed a fine arts party at Mansoura University's College of Pharmacy in the name of Islam. 

Shoman had also claimed presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei's son-in-law is Christian in an attempt to tarnish the candidate's reputation among Muslims.

Islamic law forbids Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men, which is why that charge would hurt ElBaradei. Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women, but not the other way around, so that the Islamic community is always growing at the expense of the non-Muslim community...Jihad Watch

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