Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Smartasst Dulluhrd In Hahvahd

by: Vince from Flopping Aces

As the American frontier was being settled, it was not uncommon for a man to be a jack of all trades and perhaps a master of none. Often a settler would have to clear his own land, build his house, hunt and grow his family’s food as well as provide protection of life and property. 

Frontiersmen (and their families) were, for the most part, self sufficient. That didn’t mean they were not part of a community that often provided support in times of need. Quite the contrary, but at the end of the day people understood that they were responsible for most of the things that needed to be done in their lives.

When the industrial revolution took hold and Cyrus McCormick freed the population from the yoke of the farm, the division of labor took off took off and with it the upward march of the American standard of living.

Today, division of labor is all around us. We have scientists, doctors, computer programmers, real estate agents, policemen, accountants, and hundreds if not thousands of other specialized occupations. And it’s not just occupations; it’s the basic parts of life: Someone else brings our food to the store or our order to our table, builds our cars, ensures we have clean water, generates our power, drycleans our suits, babysits our kids and invests our money.

Today we are the opposite of the frontiersmen, we are Jacks of few trades and (maybe) masters of one. Basically, Americans have outsourced much of their daily lives to others… and I don’t mean to China. They focus on what they do well, or at least what they do, and leave the rest to others. As a nation and as individuals, we are far more prosperous as a result.

The problem however, is that as Americans spend so much time focused on their siloed lives, they have outsourced their political fate to others. As a result the government has grown virtually unchecked for half a century and today the borg of government is the single most powerful player in the life of every American citizen.

Barack Obama was a law professor, a rabble rousing community organizer and a 1/3 term US Senator. What in that CV indicates he is even remotely prepared to successfully navigate an organization that spends $3 trillion a year and impacts the life of every single American, every day? So he gets people excited at rallies and promises hope and change…

Were Americans really that stupid? Yes. And it’s not just the average Joe. Most of Silicon Valley’s money goes to Democrats and went to Barack Obama. These guys, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergi Bren and the rest are pretty smart. What gives?

Because they mistake high IQ with smart, or in this case, a Harvard pedigree with someone equipped to run the country. While the two may overlap, they are not synonymous. Jimmy Carter may have had the highest IQ amongst modern presidents, and we all know how that turned out.

Read the article here.

The problem with equating Obama’s high IQ with smart is that we don’t know if Obama’s IQ is anywhere near high. Where is the proof? Yes, he does have a Harvard degree, but what is that worth if it wasn’t earned? How do we know if it was earned if there is no proof?

So Obama’s IQ is 86 and he got Ds and Fs in college. Show me the proof if it’s otherwise.
And another thing – the press today, especially the MSM, has suffered their “division of labor” as well. It used to be that there were anchors who were the face of the news, reporters who dug up the news and reporters gophers who helped them in digging up the truth.

Today they all want to be anchors. Reporters want to “make their name” while spreading social justice. The “truth” they dig up must match their preconceived established reality as given to them by their owners. They wouldn’t know the truth if it ever happened to stumble across their path because they have been brainwashed to see it as propaganda from the “other side”.

Thus all of the Obama scandals, either by him or his administration, are ignored as inconsequential. How can social justice be served by reporting on something that cannot be true (according to them)?

I’m beginning to understand more of the Bible now. I used to wonder how mankind could be fooled by the anti-Christ or how people would not be able to see truth. I know it says that Satan will fool people, but I thought that if people had eyes, ears and a brain that they would be able to figure out what are lies and what is truth.

But God does say that if a person denies him, he will give them up to a reprobate mind (Romans 1:28 Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.). This must be how it’s happening.

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