Friday, November 18, 2011

SEIU and Obama the Occupier

NYC’s commuters must be thrilled.
(Politico) — The Service Employees International Union, a political powerhouse on the Democratic side, made its early endorsement of Barack Obama yesterday; today, its president Mary Kay Henry is in New York for an Occupy demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge.
With Obama and Democrats trying to benefit from the energy of the Occupy movement while keeping it at arm’s length, I asked her how those two things go together.
“There’s an economic emergency in this country and both things are required in order to turn this country around for working people,” Henry said. “The president has been fighting for American families by introducing the American Jobs Act. The Occupy Wall Street movement has made an incredible case to the country about this gross economic inequality. These two movements work together incredibly well.”
Henry said she wasn’t sure where the Occupy movement will go from here, but said SEIU will support it.
“I’m really confident that the local control, local decision making is going to create a new path for the next phase of the Occupy movement,” she said. “We will support whatever the decision making is inside of the movement.”
And in Obama the Occupier news...

If he could get away with it, Obama would let them into the White House.
(Klein Online) — A member of President Obama’s controversial faith council has offered his parish as sanctuary to Occupy protesters, calling on churches nationwide to similarly open their doors.
“It’s time to invite the Occupy Movement to church!” wrote Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners, a ministry professing a devotion to the pursuit of “social justice.”
Wallis penned an article in his church’s magazine, also entitled Sojourners, calling for a “church sanctuary for the Occupy movement.”
Wallis was appointed to in February 2009 to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, a White House group replete with advocates for using religion to advance “social justice.”
Wallis reportedly is a spiritual adviser to Obama and has known the president for years
Writing in his magazine, Wallis suggested that Thanksgiving is the “perfect occasion” for churches to aid the Occupy movement.
“Open our church basements and parish halls as safe places to sleep — shelter and sanctuary as cold weather descends upon many of our cities,” he wrote.
“The Occupy movement needs a sanctuary. And what better safe and welcome place could these young people find than with communities of faith?
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