Wednesday, November 23, 2011

O'Keefe Bags Another One

In Project Veritas’ latest installment of ‘To Catch a Journalist’, the indispensable James O’Keefe catches another Rutgers University professor saying he would be willing to play with research data if necessary to produce an outcome that supports the union agenda – and his going rate is $30k-$50k.
In Part V, we went back to Rutgers University to speak to another professor who was willing to take personal payment – up to $50,000 – to create reports for our union decoy.
This professor, Bruce Baker, stated he would only “ink the deal” after he had a chance to “play with the data first to see if it would undermine.”
Ironically, Mr. Baker also serves on the Think Tank Review Panel, a group of researchers that reviews the “validity of assumptions, methodology, results, and strength of links between results and policy recommendations.”
Oh my.


In my original headline I stated that Baker agreed to “fudge” research data, and in the post itself I said he agreed to “massage” research data if necessary. Since that is somewhat open to interpretation – he never uses those exact words – I changed both to reflect what he actually said, which is that he’d “play with” the data until he arrived at an acceptable outcome.

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