Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bilderbergs to Choose Hillary?

~ So these rumors have been floating around all week. Look for Biden to retire suddenly. Hillary will be appointed by Obama.
From WSJ:
We might see him decide to switch to a vice presidential candidate who will be stronger, better, and change the thinking of a majority of the Democrats–namely, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
He worked a deal with the devil and the Bilderberg group, as did she. Reporters were duped into believing that they were getting on a plane back to the campaign headquarters in Chicago with the presumptive nominee, while in reality Obama’s motorcade instead sped off in secrecy to Northern Virginia.
When the two pardners in crime went ‘missing’ in Chicago, the Bilderberg conference was in Virginia that year. Obama and Hillary Clinton attended the secretive meeting to arrange for Senator Clinton to be the vice-presidential candidate. Wasn’t long after, tadaski, Obama was the candidate. See, he has a good chance of losing but the ticket of Obama/Clinton means we JUST are more screwed than ever in our lives. If there was the slightest chance we would not fall to socialist communism, well…by Just Piper

Either one is as phony, and as useful as a three dollar bill!

Bilderberg has hand picked every President & here is ole’ Bubba admitting it in 1991, Mar 13, 2008:

The Slick Willie Bill itself!

Well, Bilderberg cannot hide in the shadows any longer. They see their Obama pick did not work, so again they will try 2012. They chose Perry, that didn’t work. But rest assured they will choose whoever is going to win. ~ JP

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