Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Same Old Moonbattery

I just found this GREAT response to the "99% ers".


My family crawled out of the provinces of the Philippines, worked hard in the hotel industry in a US Territory, and took a big financial risk by relocating to the wonderful state,the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am now the first college graduate in my generation of the family, and frankly, I consider these idiots to be on the wrong side of history.

We care not for your idealistic views and support for cradle to the grave welfare. We have seen such things called for in other places and watched how their failures brought those places to their knees. We also have yet to see a coherent message. Rage for rage's sake is ineffective, and a waste of time and sanity. You are not focused, and as such, we do not get what you are trying to say. (I also add insignificant, I wonder how many of your parents are thinking of cutting off the money by now. I'm sure your grades are suffering from a prolonged 'field trip'.)

We're a hard working lot and we comprise most of America. So go back to your poetry readings and other such useless babblygook. Once the real world bites you, just note it wasn't the man that brought you down.

It was yourselves. Bunch of lazy ingrates, Man Up.

22 years old and having a wisdom better than my 'peers'


Supi said...

Thank goodness the last picture didn't say he needed a physical. He would be sent to an entomologist

Scott said...

Zombies started life here in Picksburg near me(Night of the Living Dead)...I am sooo sorry to have infected the world!