Friday, August 26, 2011

More Of The Same Race Baiting

Elijah Cummings

"There's another thing the press seems to not get. A lot of African-Americans that I've talked to, most of them say that they 'feel this President has been treated unfairly.' They believe he has done every single thing in his power to try to create jobs, to try to make sure this economy moves forward. He's gone against just fierce opposition. I think, I mean if you look at the evidence, that's true. He's accomplished a lot in the short time he's been President. But the fact is, it has not been easy and will not continue to be easy," Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said on "Morning Joe" this morning.    Video Here

Jesse Jackson

I have a dream . . . that degenerate race-baiters would no longer be given a national platform to spew their venom.

(USA Today)Jesse Jackson said Thursday that the Tea Party’s tenets are reminiscent of state’s rights philosophies used in decades past to oppose federally mandated integration.
“The Tea Party is not new,” Jackson said at a luncheon honoring civil rights pioneers on Thursday. “It’s just a new name for an old game.”
The event was one of several taking place this week in conjunction with Sunday’s planned dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall. Organizers announced Thursday night that the dedication had been postponed because of Hurricane Irene.
The luncheon, held in a packed ballroom, cost $85 to attend. It included surviving confidantes of King — Andrew Young, former U.N. ambassador and mayor of Atlanta, and Julian Bond, a founder of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee — along with modern-day civil rights leaders, including NAACP President Benjamin Jealous and National Urban League President Marc Morial, who was emcee.
Several speakers urged the public to use the memorial dedication as a starting point for addressing society’s problems. “We haven’t yet reached the promised land that Dr. King spoke of,” said Attorney General Eric Holder, who added that he and President Obama were results of the civil rights movement.
Jackson, who was with King when he was shot and killed in Memphis in 1968, said modern-day civil rights efforts should focus on issues such as ending “expensive, unnecessary, ungodly wars” and creating a fair tax code where “the wealthiest pay their fair share.” He also called for reversing policies — such as disparities in how crimes involving cocaine and crack are punished — that result in longer prison sentences for African-American men. His voice caught and shook at times during the speech.
Sheila Jackson Lee at the top of her Race Game again at the MLK luncheon

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, also spoke of tough fights ahead. "Martin King wrote in 1961 about love, war and civil disobedience and he said we must be determined to resist reactionaries," she said. "My friends, you are now entering a reactionary period probably worse than post-Reconstruction."
After hearing of Jackson's remarks Thursday, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips said they were the latest desperate attempt by liberals to use racism charges to dismiss the validity of the Tea Party's message.

She also stated that Blacks must be prepared to litigate to get jobs and justice. She said that they must be "willing to die" for their cause.  Read more...

         Will this petulant, puerile, president allow this nation to be driven to the brink of a race war in order to retain power? Can he drive his sheep to the slaughter with such arrogant glee, and establish the totalitarian state that so many on the left have been calling on HIM to create?

This is an excerpt from an interview with a White house insider. Read the entire two part story at  Before It's News. It includes some shocking insight into Obama's psyche, and his narcissistic habits. (HE PADS HIS CLOTHES!)

Insider: (Pauses)… As far as it takes. We’re preparing for it. I sure as hell hope America is too. Like I told you…this election coming up…Brutal.

Ulsterman: What do you mean by we – we are preparing for it? And are you actually saying that Barack Obama would push for race riots to somehow win a presidential election? That sounds…far fetched. Even for this administration.
Insider: Does it? How so? You need to take step back and see more of what has been happening in this country. It’s why this thing went from a concern about the party to a serious concern about the country. Why aren’t you seeing that?

Ulsterman: Just explain – the race rioting. I don’t see how that would help Obama get re-elected. It doesn’t…I just don’t see how that would work. In fact it seems like just the opposite. If we go from economic chaos to…whatever one would call it – racial chaos…that doesn’t help Obama. So yeah – I don’t see what you are saying there.

Insider: (Leans back – folds arms across chest)
You and too many goddamn Americans don’t see it, so don’t feel so bad. You know, other world leaders see it. Putin. Sarkozy. Merkel. Harper…Barack Obama is incapable of anything remotely resembling leadership, but he is also quite capable of the kind of dangerous arrogance that the very worst leaders in history possessed. (Pauses) Look, let me try and paint a picture for you – a clearer picture of what Obama really is. If you were to step into the White House and see the man at work, or whatever the hell it is he calls it. It’s not the same as what some of his own people are calling it – I know that for certain. The jokes, the sneers that go on behind the president’s back. You want to see that picture? The real Barack Obama? Maybe then you might understand what the man is capable of – really capable of.

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