Friday, August 5, 2011

You Are Racist If You Notice This

JammieWearingFool and Pat Dollard have filed these reports on the black mob attacks at the Wisconsin state fair.
Unfortunately, as reported here and elswhere these attacks are not isolated.

From Unamusement Park

Chicago under attack by packs of wild blacks; Tribune: you’re racist for noticing

Pardon the unintentional rhyme, but Chicago is under attack by packs of wild blacks. (That’s “groups of people who are (a) wild and (b) black.” Go on, tell me it’s not an accurate description.) Paul Kersey is all over this. They’re storming buses 15 at a time, beating white people with bottles and robbing them (NBC Chicago, June 8). Gangs of 15 or 20 are ambushing white pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as one visiting Japanese oncologist (CBS Chicago, June 5 and June 6; Chicago Tribune, June 6). Smaller groups are using pepper spray to disable their victims (CBS Chicago, June 3 and June 5). Contrary to media reports, the problem isn’t “teens” or “youths” or “kids” or “people.”
The problem is black people.

Until recently, the hopelessly biased mainstream media were content merely to ignore, suppress, censor the race — not races — of these savages. But censorship wasn’t enough. It couldn’t stop readers from seeing the photos. It couldn’t stop them from watching the videos. It couldn’t stop them from looking out their windows at the dark-skinn
ed mobs rampaging outside.

 And it couldn’t stop the white victims from telling everyone they knew.
So the readers noticed, and pretty soon they cracked the secret code: if a story omits the race of the perpetrators, it’s not because the reporter doesn’t know what race they were. It’s because they were all black.

These thugs are the problem. Concealed carry might be the solution.

That’s when readers started to complain. Oh, those complainers. I guess they don’t enjoy being beaten with bottles and baseballs — and fists and feet, of course — or sprayed with mace, then robbed of the things they bought with the money they earned working jobs — yes, jobs, something many blacks just can’t be bothered with anymore. Stampeding over welfare application forms? Sure. But jobs? Not so much.
The Chicago Tribune reacted to the complaints of their customers in a way that shouldn’t be surprising to Park readers: they denounced — no, not the black thugs, of course not — their own readers, for being so darn raciss. Yes, if you notice the race of a criminal, and that race happens to be Black it frequently is, then you are a racist — doubly so if you write in to ask why Tribune staff don’t notice it themselves.
There will be no five-month anniversary spectacular for Unamusement Park. It is canceled on account of black savages destroying our cities. Sorry, maybe next month. Instead, please enjoy a short series on the savages’ apologists (not to say accomplices) at the Chicago Tribune, winner of Unamusement Park’s first annual Most White-Hating Newspaper Award. I’m going to cover the following dishonest, despicable stories:
  1. “When race is relevant in news coverage” (June 10), by Gerould W. Kern, Editor
  2. “When a news story omits race, do we really know any less?” (June 8), by Mary Schmich
  3. “Mob attacks: Fear, too, is often skin deep” (June 8), by Dawn Turner Trice
  4. “Race and the ‘flash mob’ attacks” (June 8), by Steve Chapman

Please enjoy. No, scratch that. Please get mad as hell.


texlahoma said...

That would NEVER happen in Oklahoma City.
Why not?
OKC doesn't have ridiculous gun control laws like Chicago.
The pack of wild blacks would become a stack of dead blacks.

Scott said...

Amen to that! My Lil' Chickago is overrun with violence but there are some places that blacks will not go...too many old rednecks wit' guns ready to use em'!