Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UK..This is your country..BNP Vid...


      Here in the Warrior Bard I will be posting some videos and stories that I find in the next two months involving the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and expanding Jihadi violence and their ties with European and American Socialists, Communists, and anarchists.
      The anniversary of the birth of Israel is coming up on May 15th.---A group of Canadian and English pro-Palestinians are planning a "Gaza flotilla" for the same time frame. The Egyptian military and their new Muslim Brotherhood allies have plans to attack Israel should the Jews defend themselves in response to Hamas or Hezbollah rocket attacks.  An SEIU plan for the fall of American banks and resulting chaos is planned for May, and a call for a "National Day of Rage" is planned for the same time. Glenn Beck will be covering the combined "Summer of Insurrection."
     I would suggest that you follow these worldwide developments closely, as their effect may be devastating and IMMEDIATE here at home.

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