Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Hollyweird Releases

In this look into tomorrow, the "Historic and Unprecedented" rise to power of an elitist drone with a hidden past is followed by a fall from glory. This is the sequel to a fiction that has been eagerly awaited by the whole nation!


Once more these radical misfits of yesteryear make an attempt at a comeback. They move to DC from their lives pomp and circumstance on the campuses of the well to do--only to find their welcome has worn out. They form a gang of street organizers and procede to stir up their merry mayhem!

Michael Moore stars as himself in his latest "Spoof /Spook" documentary in which he traps and consumes his co-conspirators.
Oprah is seen here after her imprisonment by Moore; just as he said she deserved after not paying enough taxes.

In this HAIR-RAISING thriller / spoof Joe Pesci co-stars as the second in command of a hilarious group of gangstas as they fail in one loony heist after another. Expect a wild ride and a suprise ending!

Next week
Stephen King and Michael Moore go head to head and a strange comingling of DNA ensues...Stay Tuned!


Elm said...

Shoot, Oprah looks pretty good in that pic.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Let's put a cream pie on Moore the Hut's face.

Scott said...

I think a "dead fish" in the mail would be appropriate as well!