Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let My People Go Democrat Slavers!

     The newest report from CNBC is that 35% of Americans are getting their only income (wages they are calling it) from social welfare programs; unemployment, SSI, SSD etc. This is not only appalling and scary I say that it is SLAVERY. When considered over history it is apparent that it is an evil plan by power hungry Demoncats to seize control of our nation. LBJ once said upon passing Medicaid and the SSI expansion in his Great Society programs, "We (Democrats) will never have to worry about getting elected again."
     This goes deeper than party affiliation. What this implies is that; once installed, the bureaucratic Marxist / Progressive machine can never be dismantled. 
     It can only grow larger as the numbers of the entitled (SERFS) are rising exponentially. State run media sources tell us it could be worse with most of Europe at 44%. WE DON"T WANT TO GO THERE!
     Willingly selling their souls for these handouts are the blacks, hispanics, and much of our youth; students in particular.
     Then you add to this the indesputable fact that over half of Americans don't even pay taxes.
     The scenario for our future gets only bleaker when you consider that 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS of your money goes to pay Federal and State authorities every year. These are also indentured servants of the State, voting in lock step with their union bosses in order to gain favor and keep their cushy positions.
     The huge money laundering scheme we call Public Sector Unions and their Demoncat cronies in Congress are just another political arm of the White House today. There is no separation of powers when a willing gang of thieves ;on both sides of the aisle; hand over unconstitutional authority to one unqualified and unlawful DICTATOR. 
     Executive control of many of our cities; EVEN WHOLE STATES; *and much of our nation's infrastructure is only expanding as our Fascist---yes I said Fascist ---Thug in Chief grabs up more banks and private sector corporate interests; whether by subsidy, regulation, bribery, corrupt insider trading, threat of reprisal, or open government buyout.
             *Maine has just been bought off with a complete waiver from Obamacare.
     What this adds up to you may have guessed already is an almost unstoppable voter block in the 2012 elections. If Obummer wins another term there will be no stopping his autocratic rule. The executive orders just keep piling up one upon another---more already than any other president! THE ONE says now that he desires a "Cabinet Czar." This would be someone to act as an intermediary between HIMSELF and the Cabinet--who he never meets with. Advice from any source other than hand picked yes men and sycophants is unwelcome and scorned at #1 Pennsylvania Ave. Presidential privilege has been imposed so many times I can't count. No one under the Regime's wing is accountable to Congress or to the people. The open and transparent administration that was touted at first has become backdoor mob rule by a closed door Regime bent on GLOBAL TYRANNY. 

     Now I want you to consider that SLAVES CAN BE SOLD!
     Your rights are being stripped to you and your children are being sold as indentured servants to global interests.    
     See and OK it is Alex Jones 911 truther, but don't dismiss his investigation into this global takeover of our nation out of hand. There are powers in the world--World Bank--IMF--Oil interests and Carbon Traders waiting in the wings to enslave our nation!

     When--not if but when the dollar fails the World Bank and the IMF are ready to install a new "digitized monetary system" in their new cashless society. The demise of our dollar and the onset of hyperinflation are key to the globalist dreams of this Regime and their elite backers. Chaos is sure to ensue and THEY ARE PREPARED! You may carry dollars but their value and the value of all world currency (except possibly the yuan) will be set by a new Carbon based derivative scale. The infrastructure of this system is owned by the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the Queen of England, and the royals of Denmark, Austria and the elite in this country (Al Gore, T. Boone Pickens The Google Boys et al), though they are careful to hide their assets offshore.
     Here it gets really dicey. Obummer has just signed an Executive Order declaring a "defense perimater around the whole of North America. 

     The Ottowa Citizen has reported that Canadian and US authorities have agreed on plans to SUBDUE AND CONTROL THE AMERICAN CITIZENRY. Other foreign troops have been training on American military bases forquite some time. This "defense perimater" will not be run by the US but by global powers. Mexican trucks are going to start rolling in unimpeded at our borders. Drug cartels are already setting up bases on this side of the border. Vast arms shipments are moving into Mexico from Venezuela, China, and Brazil to name a few sources. The globalists see this growing unrest on our southern border as an opportunity not to be wasted. Jesse Ventura just did a show with Alex Jones and they discovered and exposed the location of many FUNCTIONALLY READY FEMA CAMPS. I don't care what Glenn Beck says---they exist! The episode was censored by DHS and Big Sis.

                                     We all know what THEY think of us! 

You can call me another kook or a conspiracy theorist of grandiose proportion if you wish. But I would ask you to do as Beck says and do your own home work--but do it fast; there may not be a lot of time before this house of cards falls.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Isn't it nice that we can be compared once again to Europe.

Elm said...

It also reminds me a bit of sharecroppers of the South. The "owner" (Libs) give the "sharecroppers" (us) just enough to keep us alive.

Scott said...

A Minister to the elite (Illuminati if you wish) said he was told the dollar would die by the end of 2012, and that we would be too poor to do anything about it.

Scott said...

We are France--headed to Greece.