Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eric Holder: Focus on Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case Demeans My P...

Barack the Divider dropped another race card on us today--I will expand on that soon--but here is his strongman doing a rope a dope move in Congress...

     What is demeaning mister Holder is the racist attitude that you bring to the Justice Dept.
     What is demeaning to your "people" mister Holder is the fact you agree with  these racist Shabazz rants and you refuse to repudiate them.
     What is demeaning to the "Amerikkan" people mister Holder is what you and Obama have done to divide us, while you vastly expand your Civil Rights Division and double it's budget.
     Then you demean yourself when you act like a civil rights historian and tell us that the sixties are over.
     You are a political hack and an strongarm thug of this Regime. Why don't you do your job and "out" some of your "peeps" when they are proven guilty of criminal intimidation.
                      Or would that be "snitchin"?

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