Saturday, February 26, 2011

Supercharged 69 Camaro show car burnouts - TOUGH!

In honor of all those motor heads in my current and past life---These films are representative of just some of the cars that we have built in my garage or my neighbors' backyards.

Each film recalls a build project that we did; and the specifications of the cars are as close to the actual real life projects that we accomplished. There are some that I will bring to you at another time--such as an AMC hornet that we dropped a 360 in. Very tight squeeze and we couldn't keep her on the track! The AMC AMX my best friend built was a better runner, but nothing compared to some of these other beasts. 

I begin with the two that were closest to my own heart--The Olds 442 (mine) and the 69 Yenko Camaro (my neighbor's). The Camaro we ran at Pittsburgh International Dragway at the time beat Grumpy Jenkins of Pro Stock "door-slammer fame; turning low 9's in a grudge match!

Please enjoy a passing era of Americana as Our Glorious Leader has declared oil to be an energy source of the past...We shall see about that!

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