Friday, February 25, 2011

The Pleasure Police Move In

$2,000 each time man smokes a cigar in his apartment

Even as we see the imposition of smoking bans in parks and outdoor facilities; as well as the intrusion into our own homes; our busy Congressmen and womyn have found the time to propose legislation that would force Big Tobacco to place ads and even erect billboards apologizing for their "past bad behavior". I guess that it is not enough to see all these apologies on the floor of Congress for everything from slavery to the misplacement of Toyota floor mats. Now we must have public corporations pilloried in the town square. What will be next--public floggings as in the Islamic world--or self flagellation as practiced in Japan by failed executives?

I have a better idea though. How about if we force our elected representatives to publicly apologize every time a piece of legislation or policy agenda fails to meet it's goals or comes in over budget. Better yet; we could demand "reparations" for the years of misappropriated funds, corruption and boondoggles they have foisted on us in the past!

There were 87,000new laws passed nationwide last year! We are breaking a new federal law every fifteen minutes on average right now! I think that such a policy as I propose would put a quick halt to needless and oppressive legislation.

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